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Protect Your Family with a Flash Medical Drive

family-mulitigenerationalOur Flash Medical drive is an electronic medical device that when plugged into a USB port of any desktop or laptop computer will link you to your personal medical information using today's technology. 

The Flash Medical drive ensures that you always have your critical medical information with you in one convenient and portable place.  It lets consumers and patients carry the electronic link to their medical records with them in a rugged yet wearable USB device that is small enough to be worn all day as a necklace or kept on a key chain that can be used with any computer equipped with a USB port.

The Flash Medical drive, with a user friendly self-contained form (view sample medical form), directs you to fill in the blanks provided  resulting in easy and safe storing, transporting and retrieving of your medical information.  Once the form is completed your flash drive is ready for any medical appointment.  Whether with a physician, to a hospital visit at the emergency room or any type of medical procedure, you now have an easy access to a reliable form of identification. 

Your data, such as medical history and family contacts etc., can also be quicklyparamedic_vehicle_flashing_md_wht accessed by local law enforcement or emergency personnel in any medical situation.   Since you can’t predict when or where an important medical situation will occur, the distinctive styling and bright logo of the Flash Medical drive will alert medical personnel to your special needs and existing medical conditions.

Keeping Your Medical Information Current is Simple

The Flash Medical drive allows you to update any of your medical information.    Anything can be updated instantly at your convenience.  This information will allow medical personnel quick access to your medical record so as to provide quality care.  The form can also be printed if necessary.

The Flash Medical drive is growing in  interest for portable patient records.  It can be securely accessed by authorized emergency room personnel even if the person is unconscious.  Wearing or carrying the Flash Medical drive will give consumers the comfort of having their health records with them at all times whether at home, work, traveling, exercising or simply relaxing.

For patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, wandering is a huge problem.  As such our Flash Medical drive can also serve as a locating tool containing personal medical information along with important identification and phone numbers

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